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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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to be a partly sunny day. >> good day at the beach. all right folks we'r good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday july 20th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump launches a new round of attacks this morning against john mccain. >> floodwaters knock out a major interstate bridge, the main route between california and arizona is closed indefinitely. plus we're on a beach where a shark attacked a pro surfer on live television. he'll tell us how he survived. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this bridge collapsed on interstate 10 in california. >> the main freeway connecting southern california and phoenix. >> dangerous flooding hits the
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west coast. >> the damage comes after two days of record-setting rain. >> look at the east coast. it feels like 100 degrees. >> it's a scorcher a melting. >> does donald trump owe you an apology? >> he mayo an apology to the families of those who have sacrificed in conflict. >> john mccain is responding to donald trump's controversial comment. trump said that mccain is only a war hero because he was captured. >> he needs to apologize. >> the united states will officially reopen their embassies in washington, d.c., and havana. >> in a now fully released deposition bill cosby admits to grooming women into sexual sagss. >> george bush sr. is back at his summer home in maine. the former president has been released from the hospital after four days of treatment. >> the clock starts for congress to review the historic nuclear deal with iran. defense secretary ash carter has arrived in israel. >> this deal saves iran's path to a nuclear arsenal. >> the lapd is investigating a
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tragedy at the home of actress demi moore. a young man was found dead in the pool. >> a wild truck crash in china. the toll booth was empty but the truck driver and passenger were treated at the hospital. >> she continues to celebrate her third birthday doing the whip. >> a man comes face to face with a shark. >> shark fins appeared and suddenly he's pulled off his board. >> did you get a couple of punches in? >> i punched it in the back. >> and all that matters. >> a 22-year-old amateur is a joint leader at britain's open championship. >> i think i made a lot of people at home some money. >> on "cbs this morning." >> jersey shore got quite the shock when bruce springsteen put on a surprise show that lasted for nearly two hours. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.- welcome to "cbs
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this morning." donald trump is escalating his fight with senator john mccain. in a "usa today" op-ed today trump again attacks his fellow republican. trump writes, quote, mccain has abandoned our veterans. i will fight for them. a number of my competitors for the republican nomination have no business running for president. i do not need to be lectured by any of them. all that from donald trump. >> the new attack follows trump's controversial remarks about the former vietnam prisoner of war. he suggested mccain was only a war hero because he was captured. nancy cordes is in washington with how trump's rivals are lining up against the billionaire. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here are some of the terms trump's opponents are using to describe his comments. absurd ridiculous idiotic. in a new interview this morning, mccain says that trump doesn't owe him an apology, but that he
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does owe one to all other u.s. veterans who have been captured overseas. >> he graduated last in his class at annapolis. >> reporter: trump made the contentious comments about mccain as a conservative forum in ames iowa. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you. he's a war hero because he was captured. okay? you can have -- and i believe perhaps he's a war hero. >> reporter: reaction from his rivals was swift. >> that's just a disgrace. >> that's not just absurd it's offensive. it's ridiculous. >> donald trump owes every american veteran and in particular john mccain an apology. >> reporter: the head of the veterans of foreign wars weighed in saying for someone who never served a day in uniform, to criticize the service and sacrifice of a combat wounded veteran is despicable. on sunday in an interview with abc, he was given a chance to apologize, but declined. >> four times i said he is a
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hero. but, you know people choose little selective like you try to do. people choose little selective pieces. people that fought hard and weren't captured and went through a lot, they get no credit. nobody even talks about them. >> john mccain. >> reporter: mccain was shot down over vietnam in 1967 during his 23rd bombing mission. his arms were broken. he was tortured. and he spent nearly six years as a prisoner of war, turning down the chance for early release because others were still being held. in a statement, the rnc pointedly warned trump that there is no place in our party or our country for comments that disparage those who have served honorably. but trump says mccain owes him an apology because the arizona senator said last week that trump had, quote, fired up the crazies at a rally in phoenix. >> i know what crazy is. i know all about crazies. these weren't crazies. so he insulted me and he insulted everybody in that room.
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>> reporter: several of trump's rivals argued that his comments disqualify him for higher office, but trump says there's no way he's dropping out of the race, especially because two new national polls just in the past couple of days show him firmly leading the gop field. charlie. >> nancy, thanks. republican strategist and cbs news contributor frank luntz was interviewing donald trump in iowa where he made those comments about senator mccain. frank is with us from los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. >> so you said -- you said on "face the nation" that this could be a turning point. is it a turning point? >> i think it's even more significant. in the last 24 hours, the fact that trump has still refused to back down the fact that he wrote that op-ed tells me that he is absolutely positively in this race to stay. and in fact, charlie, let's take this a step further. i believe if this continues to become even more contentious between trump and the republican party, that we have to start to consider the possibility of a
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third party movement. that donald trump has the money that ross perot had, he has an even greater degree of commitment to this race. he doesn't play by the rules that any oar candidate plays. and in response to a question from the audience as i was interviewing him, he markedly refused to commit t republican nominee. that this could be the beginning of a third party candidacy. >> so it may be contentious, frank, but how do you explain he is still number one in the polls? >> and that's a great question. there's a segment of american society that has had it with politicians that seem to be structured that use poll tested phrases. donald trump says what a lot of people are thinking but are unwilling to say, so they gravitate to that. but what's different about this time is that when you attack when you attack the veteran community, as they perceive it to be an attack and i've done my research over the last 24 hours, that you can ignore certain segments of american society in a republican primary, veterans matter. this is going to be a very tough time for donald trump, but he is
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not backing down and there's no way he's going to apologize. >> does what he's saying damage at all the republican brand? >> it could, because it just makes all of this almost like a circus. but what bothers me the most is that we're so early into this process and they're already using such horrific language to attack each other, that when you've got a combination of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to spend and candidates that are prepared to say just about anything about each other, this could be the ugliest campaign in modern times. and we already know that at least one of these candidates donald trump, is prepared to go ugly early. >> you're in the room frank, and you're looking at him eye to eye. you talked to him before during and after. do you really believe that he believes what he's saying or is he just trying to be provocative. and what was the reaction in the room when he said it? >> i absolutely believe that he believes it. i believe that he's going to do it differently. he challenged me.
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he said that i was trying to make him politically correct when i was asking him do you really want to use these words. is this your meaning. but i'll tell you that there were boos when he made his comment about mccain and about veterans who weren't captured. did he get a standing ovation at the end? yes. but all ten presidential candidates got standing ovations. everyone in the room got up for the other candidates. not everyone got up for donald trump. this is going to be a nightmare of a campaign if he insists on being so uncivil and so disrespectful, but you better get ready for it. >> i find that notion that the logic of if he was shot down that he's not a hero america will not accept. >> i don't -- i mean to me i don't understand why somebody would say that. and i spent a lot of time with pows over the last three years. these guys are heroes. donald trump does not understand that he hit a chord, and i believe he's going to face a lot of protests in the coming months. >> thank you, frank.
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this morning the main route between california and arizona is closed after a major interstate bridge collapsed. floodwaters washed out the bridge yesterday along interstate 10. the freeway is closed in both directions indefinitely. drivers traveling between los angeles and phoenix are now being forced to take detours hundreds of miles out of the way. john blackstone gives us a closer look at the damage there. >> reporter: a 30 by 50-foot section of california's interstate 10 freeway collapsed sunday sending this truck over the edge of the roadway. bystanders reportedly used straps tied to guardrails to keep the truck from falling into the water below. it took nearly two hours to rescue its injured driver. when the eastbound side of i-10 gave way, people driving this major artery between los angeles and phoenix saw hours-long backups in both directions. >> i had to double back back into arizona and head south on the 95 down to yuma which is
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pretty much on the border of mexico. it was pretty much a seven and a half, eight-hour detour. >> reporter: the city of corona saw water and mud rolling down its hills. following a massive vegetation fire that burned the area just days ago. july is typically the driest month of the year in southern california, yet flash flooding washed out roads in riverside county. heavy rain meant the corona fire department's swift water rescue crews were sent on patrol to get people out of harm's way. >> there are a couple of people in here that they're trying to rescue. >> reporter: firefighters used sandbags to protect homes. they believe clogged storm drains caused water and mud to flow through the neighborhood. >> oh my! >> this woman turned her street into a water slide. >> this is how we're supposed to get to the venue. >> reporter: all this rushing water made for a treacherous trek to a concert at an
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amphitheater in irvine but these people took it all in stride. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone. >> several arizona towns battered by the dramatic floods are cleaning up this morning. the raging waters carried away buildings and swamped homes. up to 4 inches of rain fell in 90 minutes. the flooding swept massive rvs and trailers downstream. the main freeway between los angeles and las vegas is open again this morning after a very scary friday. wildfire fast-moving flames fueled by dry brush caught the drivers off guard. some were forced to abandon their vehicles. about 20 cars and trucks burned but nobody was hurt here. officials say their efforts to contain the fire by air was delayed by drones. we'll take a look at what impact droughns have on firefighting efforts. severe flooding in vermont forced more than a dozen rescues overnight. thunderstorms turned streets in barre into rivers. police are warning residents to shelter in place and watch out for the floodwaters.
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seven afghan soldiers were killed overnight in an apparent friendly fire incident. it happened south of kabul. the minister of defense says coalition helicopters came under insurgent attack. in response coalition forces bombed an afghan army outpost. a local official says the air strike was likely a mistake. there are new details this morning about the man who gunned down american servicemen in chattanooga, tennessee. the information comes as a fifth family grieves. navy petty officer randall smith died this weekend of his wounds. four marines were also killed. police on sunday escorted smith's body to the local airport. jericka duncan is at a growing memorial in chattanooga. >> reporter: good morning. overnight the fbi finished processing this crime scene where the first shooting happened. as you can see now, this area has been turned into a memorial site to honor those five fallen service members. federal investigators say they received hundreds of leads, but
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are still trying to determine exactly why mohammad youssuf abdulazeez opened fire on two military sites last week. they know he recently visited this public gun range and that the 24-year-old, a practicing muslim, was pulled over in april for driving under the influence. on saturday abdulazeez' family expressed their shock in a statement saying "the person who committed this horrible crime was not the son we knew and loved. for many years, our son suffered from depression." a source close to the family tells "cbs this morning" abdulazeez' parents encouraged his seven-month trip to jordan last year because they hoped visiting relatives there would help him. a man who asked us not to show his face on camera regularly saw abdulazeez and his family at the mosque that they attend. >> did he seem depressed? his family said he suffered from depression. >> well he might have but i
7:15 am
mean -- i didn't see any difference in his attitude his appearance. so just every day, i mean it was just normal. i mean like every time i saw him. >> reporter: the shooting left five service members dead including 21-year-old marine lance corporal skip wells, who carried on a long family tradition of fighting for his country. his father kip wells. >> we send our service people into harm's way overseas. that tends to be when we worry about them most. you don't tend to worry so much when we're -- when they're here at home. >> reporter: in the wake of the tragedy, tennessee's governor bill haslam has called for a review of security procedures at military sites across the state. >> the recruiting centers, actually the reserve centers themselves, please give these guys something. give them something just in case. >> reporter: and just seven miles away the navy operational support center where the second
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shooting came to an end remains closed. investigators are still collecting evidence and say it could be at least another week before they're finished processing that crime scene. norah? >> thanks. this morning marks an historic change in u.s. relations with cuba. in the next hour the cuban flag will be raised over its embassy in washington for the first time since 1961. the ceremony marks the restoration of diplomatic links between the two countries. 58% of americans in a new cbs news poll favor re-establishing diplomatic ties. 54% say they support an end to the trade embargo. margaret brennan is outside the cuban embassy in washington. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as of midnight the u.s. now has diplomatic relations with cuba for the first time in 54 years. top cuban officials are in the embassy behind me and in just a few minutes, they will raise the red and blue cuban flag taking a symbolic and a historic step. a cold war standoff fades into
7:17 am
history today, when the cuban flag is raised once again over the long-shuttered cuban embassy. just blocks from the white house. cuban and american diplomats in both washington and havana will now be allowed to formally do business with their counterparts and move freely around both countries. president obama said it was time to cool the past half century of tension. >> the progress that we mark today is yet another demonstration that we don't have to be imprisoned by the past. when something isn't working, we can and will change. >> a new leader is on the scene. fidel castro. >> reporter: it started after the cuban revolution brought fidel castro to power in 1959. his -- in 1959. they tried to remove castro. even >> i have directed the armed forces to prepare for any eventualities.
7:18 am
>> that nearly sparked full-scale war. >> those are russian-made russian-manned ballistic missiles. >> reporter: after russia began storing nuclear missiles in cuba. that deep history of mistrust is what makes restarting relations so significant. cuba scholar julia swy. >> this is a moment of magnificent historical significance. we, the two countries, the united states and cuba have been through many ups and downs. this is undoubtedly a significant up. >> reporter: but there's more work to do. the castros remain in power, cuba is still communist and cracking down on dissidents. they are also punishing trade and travel embargoes on cuba that some in the u.s. congress remain reluctant to peel back. now, cuba's top diplomat is here in washington to oversee the festivities. he'll be the first in decades to visit the state department later today. he'll take questions from the press as well. and in case you're wondering, the american stars and stripes will not fly over the u.s. embassy in cuba until secretary
7:19 am
kerry visits havana and that's expected later this summer. >> really interesting. such an historic day. margaret, that you so much. in sports news golfers are teeing off in the fourth and final round of the british open at st. andrews in scotland. paul dunne from ireland shot a third round 66 sunday. he shares the lead with louis oosthuizen and jason day. 21-year-old american jordan spieth is swinging for his third straight major. he won both the masters and u.s. open earlier this year. with a win, spieth would join ben hogan as the only player to win all three tournaments in the same year. really exciting to watch. >> for an amateur to pull it off would be huge. >> the last was bobby jones, back in 1930 yeah. >> happening as we talk. >> he survived a shark attack and it was captured on live tv. >> and then all of a sudden i -- you know, i just had this instinct that someone was behind me. and then all of a sudden i felt
7:20 am
my -- getting pulled under water. then the thing came up. >> you'll hear from the three-time world champion surfer forced to fight for his life. first, it's this national weather report sponsored by mcdonald's.
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and good monday morning everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. 7:26. here's what's happening right now. an overnight grass fire contra costa county is now out. broke out about 4:00 a.m. near highway 4 and yboraa road and burned nearly three acres until fire crews put it out. highway 4 was open during that time. and late road work made a big mess of the southbound 680 commute. crews were paving lanes and some of those lanes were closed into the commute. the work was wrapped up just before 7:00 but still pretty slow going in that area. and straight ahead on "cbs this morning," a surfer's close call with a shark and it's all caught on camera. that dramatic video is coming up next along with our traffic and our weat ♪ ♪
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liza batallones here, days continue approaching the -- delays continue approaching the dublin interchange be the lake effect lane is this sit down. all of this because of late road work, very heavy traffic approaching the scene. this is affecting traffic on west 580 with one and a half hour drive times reports leaving the altamont pass bound for the dublin interchange. so pack some patience if you plan on making the drive through the tri-valley. meanwhile, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up into the maze. thanks liza. good morning everyone. i have to tell you, how often do we wake up and have temperatures in the 70s? it's true. this is the scene in san francisco where we had a record high yesterday of 86 degrees. it's now 66. but it is 73 in livermore and 74 degrees in concord. later today, just slightly cooler than yesterday. 70 to 80s right around the coast. and to 94-degrees in fairfield. 9 in san jose. flush -- 89 in san jose. outside number today with a chance of a thunderstorm is 98
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it often goes hand in hand with celebrating its food. what's the actual commercial running right now? >> what's more american than a cheeseburger? this american cheeseburger loaded with chips, eaten by a model in a pickup trouble on an aircraft carrier under the gaze of lady liberty as she admires the most american thick burg new at carl's jr. >> wow. a cheeseburger with hot dogs and potato chips. ladies and gentlemen, i give you the new confederate flag.
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>> john oliver. welcome back to "cbs this morning." hackers target the website where married people seek affairs. how the cyber attack could reveal the secrets of tens of millions of people. plus a shark attack capture on live television. a surfer fights off the killer pulling him into the ocean. ahead, debora patta is at the beach where it all happen and she spoke this morning to the sufber about his sur jievl time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the wall street journal" says bidding wars have returned to the housing market as fuel by the shortage of homes for sale. among the reason for the short supply a slow recovery in home construction. plus millions who want to list their homes for sale can't because they don't qualify for a new mortgage. "usa today" reveals how jet plans to take on amazon and walmart. it gets the website's lowest
7:32 am
prices on ten million-plus goods. average savings are 10% to 15% on most national items. the pilot and passenger of a small plane were killed in the crash north of charleston earlier this mornlt. preliminary findings by the ntsb shows the pilot of the f-16 was warned. he ejected safely. the indiana star reports on the cracking down of citizens playing the card game euchre. folks at a senior citizen center in delaware county pay a couple of bucks to play and win prices like cookies and toilet paper but the indiana commission says the card game is illegal if played for money. last week the senior citizens were ordered to stop. >> that's just wrong. aren't there more important
7:33 am
issues j. and football was sold for $43,000 used in deflategate. it was sold by a fan who got the ball during the game from patriots' wide receiver brandon lafell. new details are emerging about the drug and sexual assault accusations against bill cosby. in a transcript from the deposition of 2005 cosby explains how he seduced women and kept his wife in the dark. they show what else the court documents reveal. don, good morning. >> good morning. a federal court released portions of the transcript this month but not the entire deposition, but then "the new york times" discovered a loophole and published addition additional ones this week.
7:34 am
she does not look angry. she does not say to me don't ever do that again, cosby said. i think i'm a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things whatever you want to call them. cosby added he only gave constant benadryl. did you believe at that time it was illegal for you to dispense those drugs a lawyer asked cosby. yes, he answered. criminal defense attorney diana dianaizeman. >> he didn't come out and say he raped these women but he ed aadmit admitted to it. >> after the father of one of the accusers he asked her.
7:35 am
yes, cosby responded. cosby also said he offered to pay for constant's education because he was worried she or her mother would go public. he used his personal account to pay off a another accuser and he kept camille cosby, his wife for half a century, unaware of what was going on. how would you explain to your wife you were giving this to her personally rather than using the foundation. i would say to her there's a person i'd like to help cosby said. >> i don't see anything in the transcript that is an overwhelming reason for him to exhale. if anything they're very damaging, which is why he hoped to keep them out of the public eye. >> representatives for cosby and constant both declined to comment. the lawsuit was settled confidentially in 2006 but the transcript remained unsealed something not widely known until this weekend.
7:36 am
>> thank you, don. the hack of a website could expose 37 million users. ashley madison is his name. they threaten to reveal commerce' sexual fantasies and financial information if the website is not shut down. >> good morning. >> how many men do you think should be quaking in their bootds this morning? >> men and women. 37 million. >> because it is predominantly men who use the website. >> so this is -- >> so i've been told. >> avid life media is a holding company. ashley madison. it's mostly free but extra features cost money. if you want to chat it costs extra money. one important feature. if you pay $19 you can elect to get your data scrubbed.
7:37 am
the scrubbing is not occurs an they're saying if you don't take this information down we'll release the data. it's really scary for millions of people who are using it. >> what does it mean the hackers are using the website to show they're having an affair. >> it shows that but also when you think you're being secret you're not. you think you're protected here. this company made nearly $2 million to collect fees to scrub information and they didn't. fascinated. earlier this sprung the company was talk about going public. they said they had to show that they were protecting data. >> what's the motivation? >> i think the motivation for the hackers is to embarrass the company. we were talking about this in the green room. is this some disgruntled spouse?
7:38 am
they're very specific. they believe it's a contractoring maybe former employee who wants to embarrass the company. >> does this signal a new trend which is that hackers essentially extorting a company? >> this feels if leak extortion. >> you can't get enough. >> gayle feels very strongly. >> yes this is very different than trying to say i'm just going to steal information for ill gotten gain. >> am gnashing my teeth but i'm not bitter. one of the hackers said too bad for the men. they're cheating dirt bags but ashley madison says this is still breaking the laws. >> right. this is a business. this is krd. the company says it has shut it down but there could be more stories emerge. >> last time i check it takes two people to have an affair. >> amen.
7:39 am
i love gayle and i love charlie so much. >> charlie didn't know what ashley madison was. >> i didn't either. we're losers. >> jillschlesinger, thank you so much. a man drowned in demi moore's swimming pool. she was out of the country. she was in absolute shock. quote, my heart goes out to his family and friends. >> she said her family's assistant was having a party at the home. a champion surfer shows how he fought back after a terrifying shark attack. for one man it was a fight for life as he battled the shark live on o
7:40 am
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this morning a three-time world champion surf e is describing his remarkable escape from a shark attack. nick fanning was competing on sunday when he was caught off his board. he struggled with the shark. deborah patta but yesterday a life or death-battle played out here and it was all captured live on tv. three-time world champion nick fanning learned the hard way that a surfer's paradise in a blink of an eye can become any but. he sensed a presence behind him.
7:45 am
>> all of a sudden i felt me starting to get pulled under water and the thing came up. i was on myboard and it was like right there. i saw the whole thing just thrashing around. but i was getting dragged under by my leg. >> reporter: fanning hidden by the cameras on a wave managed to punch the shark on the back a move that bought him a little time. >> i felt like he dragged me under the water and all of a sudden my leg broke free and i thought, all right. i just started swimming and screaming. >> instead of getting to safety his friend and rival swam toward him. >> i saw the whole thing. i saw him get knocked off his board and then i saw a wave pop up and i thought he's going under. and i was like -- i felt like i didn't get there quick enough.
7:46 am
>> within minutes the two pro surfers were surrounded by rescuers on jet skis and whisked to safety. today we met with a calmer fanning who reflected on his incident. will you go back and surf? >> i'll surf again. it's given me so much. how many times do you cross the street and not have an accident? that's all it was. that was my opportunity. yeah, i got lucky. >> reporter: two diehard locals are back out surfing today. >> reporter: it won't stop either. he said he'll be back catching the swell again at the ta hee tell ls split
7:47 am
evenly between fanning and julien. gayle? >> that's a nice way to wrap it up. he got choked up saving him. ahead, a night to remember on the jersey shore big time. how an impromptu concert by bruce, he needs no last name
7:48 am
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>> bruce springsteen surprised a jersey shore bar. the boss stepped on stage. he sang through 15 of his classics. 15 including "atlantic city," "dark of day," and "edge of town." >> how you do think that made him feel? >> that never happens. >> all right. ahead. did you hear what happened at buckingham palace over a leaked photo? >> no. >> we have that story coming up. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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good morning, it is 7:56. i'm maria medina. the suspect in a murder of five people in modesto remains in a san jose jail. martin martinez is suspected of killing two women and three children. police have not released a motive. and a southern california freeway is closed after heavy rain collapsed interstate 10 near palm springs. it cut off traffic between california and arizona. and coming up on "cbs this morning," dangerous disease on the rise. high risk areas for lyme disease are growing. what you need to know about a new cdc warning. and
7:57 am
good morning everybodiment i'm liza batallones.
7:58 am
watch out for this new accident? oakland delaying traffic. westbound 580 approaching high. also big problems continue for the tri-valley. this theming from earlier -- stemming from earlier late road work south 680 approaching stone ridge. this left lane is still shut down. it's expected to reopen by 9:30 this morning. west 580 long delays leaving the altamont pass still an hour and a half drive time from the altamonte to the dublin interchange. meanwhile if you plan on making a bay bridge commute the metering lights are still on. we haven't had any major accidents or problems for the bay bridge but it's still slow from the maze. roberta. you guys have had traffic issues for like two weeks now. good morning everybody. let's talk about the weather because how often is it in the 60s and 70s when you head out the door? well, today. check this out. it is 77 degrees at this hour in concord. 72 in san jose. livermore is at 76 degrees. later today, we're talking about numbers topping off from the 70-degree mark in half-moon bay to 77 in pacifica. 90s in the
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
down quite right. i'm charlie rose along with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
there was backlash after donald trump questioned jock mccain's military service. >> he's not a war hero. he's war hero because he was captured. i like a war hero who was not captured, i hate to tell you that. he's war hero bec made america less safe, sent our soldbrave soldiers into wrong-headed foreign adventures and covered up for president obama. there is no time line this morning for when a major the wash bridge collapsed into
8:03 am
floodwaters. one driver had to be. the freeway is the main connection drivers between southern california and rnia and phoenix. many forced to take detours hundreds of miles out of the of way. >> investigators in texas are trying to determine if any hazardous material spilled into houston ship channel. where two barges collided overnight. it happened off the coast of galveston. one of the barges caught fire carrying $1 million gallons of petroleum product. two people in critical pr condition after their plane ritical crashed near las vegas. the aircraft burst into flames after going down in henderson, down in nevada.derson two others are hospitalized withhigan a nonlife injures.ies the witnesses say the propeller the stopped before the plane crash ropeller landed in the dunes. a man accused in a horrific
8:04 am
crash on new york's long island being held on $1 million bond. police say he was drunk when his truck slammed into a window outside a winery. the accident killed four young women. they were celebrating with a bride-to-be among the injured. elaine quijano of cbsn is here. good >> the accident happened after the ac 5:00 p.m. saturday. eight women just left a winery. local police chief says deadly dent was oftenne of the worst he had ever seen. >> a mim low. >> reporter: the scene after saturday's deadly collision. the black limo was carrying eight women, bride-to-be and serverven others in their 20s in a bride, survived, and a group of friends. i don't believe a bridal party , and but they were celebrating. >> reporter: hit at this i do flashing yellow light just a stone's throw from the winery where they had gathered.
8:05 am
>> the limousine was making a t the turn when the pickup truck drove into the passenger side of the side limousine. >> reporter: killed were britney, stephanie 23 and lauren, 24. the four other passengers age 23 to 25 were seriously injured. in a statement, her father said she was in the wrong place at fathe the wrong time. we loved her more than anything. more now, i've got to bury my daughter. the limo driver and the driver of the pickup were both taken to the hospital. both tak arraigned in his hospital room sunday, and charged with the misdemeanor drunk driving. rg >> at this time we are continuing the investigation andooking looking into upgrading charges significantly. >> reporter: his lawyer refused - to elaborate on his injury. on sunday the limo company issued a statement saying this was a tragic accident on what should have been a happy day forld have a group of young women.y
8:06 am
romeo pleaded not guilty to drunk driving charges.rt the later today the police will hold will hol a press conference expected to give an update on the pdate on investigation. >> thanks. >> >> so sad. >> he hired a driver because hired they were touring wineries only % to be hit by a drunk driving trying to do right thing and end e up losing their life. who survives and who lives thin depends where you're seated in s and the car. >> a parent's worst nightmare. hollywood remembering an iconic movie monster. >> do you know i am moe green, i made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders. >> fans of "the godfather" remember alec rocco as moe green, he died at his home in l los angeles saturday after battling cancer. ca five-decade career including television and film roles, won ro an emmy for outstanding supporting actor in the famous
8:07 am
teddy z. alex rocco was 79. >> the spurs play in the summer league finals in las vegas. but that's not how the team is making history. last august they named becky hammond the first female full-time paid coach. now the first woman to lead an nb team. she talked about shattering glass ceilings on the hardwood. >> i don't want to downplay the significance because it's a big hardwood. deal. i get that. to but i also want it to be known it is that i was hired because i was qualified.t t >> they talk about how you have a great basketball mind.ou there are other careers where women have a great mind for that particular job but they're not getting the job. others >> that's why it's a big deal because that's not the norm. if a woman goes in for a job and a man goes in for a job and theynorm. have similar education levels es in the man still gets the job and probably gets paid more. get my dad told me very early on, you'll never play in the nba.
8:08 am
>> here you are a coach?n the >> yeah. i appreciated that phone call when i got to call him back and say, dad, guess what remember when you told me i couldn't play in the nba? i get to coach in the nba. you never said anything about that. >> look becky hammond. spurs are 5-1 in the summer th action. >> i'll bet her dad is her biggest cheerleader. >> firefighters feeling burned he you could say.eerleader. how private drones may have stopped cars and trucks from
8:09 am
a young queen a young queen elizabeth apparently salutes the nazis charlie d'agata at buckingham palace. >> considering what to do observe 17-second black and white film over the 1930s and why the palace itself might share responsibility for the pvideo's release. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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>> this morning's southern california crews are getting a handle on the wildfire that ripped between los angeles and las vegas friday. firefighters faced a traffic jam of their own in the sky. carton evans shows us how they blaming drones in the fire zone. >> reporter: a scary situation here. it was a surreal scene friday as fast-moving flame as long the california interstate caught motorists off guard. firefighters scrambling to attack the flames from the air as people were forced to abandon their vehicles. >> y'all had to run up the hill. >> reporter: fire officials are saying efforts to contain flames were delayed by drones. >> we had to push our aircraft out of the way until we were able to make it safely for ours to come in that took 15 20 minutes. >> reporter: that delay contributed to the fire jumping the freeway. >> it hampers our fire attack.
8:15 am
the incident marks the fourth time in a month that drone has interfered with firefighting operations in the state. in late june, the lake fire in the san bernardino mountains grew significantly after fire officials spotted an unmanned ariel vehicle in the area and forced to ground their aircraft. >> we lost about 2 1/2 hours of flight time that would have been another six to eight loads of retardant suppressing the fire. >> reporter: it's becoming such a problem now that fire officials launched a new campaign to educate the public. >> if you fly, we cannot it's just that easy. >> reporter: two bills introduced, one in the u.s. congress, another in california's senate that would criminalize drone use over wildfires. >> just feel the penalties ought to be stiff somewhere in terms of fines higher fines and that it ought to include an option of incarration if severe enough. >> reporter: on friday, 20 vehicles consumed by the flames and no one was hurt but fire officials worry next time a
8:16 am
drone grounds air attack they won't be lucky. >> someone could be injured or killed because we cannot protect them with our aircraft. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. >> if you fly, we cannot, i think sends a really important message, especially if you own one of the burned out cars thank you droned out operator delayed 15 20 minutes. >> drones are very dangerous. >> were you going to say something charlie? okay. two sisters giving every presidential candidate a fair shot though they are not old enough to vote. their quest for the ultimate selfie collection. you are watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:17 am
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8:21 am
that's cool. >> beautiful, indeed. >> very nice. >> this morning, buckingham palace wants to know who leaked a video from queen elizabeth archives. it obtained the video showing the queen ace child. it apparently shows her performing a nazi salute. charlie d'agata is outside bucking ham palace in london on how the video may have gotten out. >> reporter: officials confirmed internal investigation is under way to determine the source of the leak where that family footage came from and just how it ended up in the hands of the "sun" newspaper. it's a grainy home movie shot in 1933, playing up for the camera a young quin elizabeth seen apparently raising a nazi salute alongside her mother and younger sister, dancing around. her uncle, the future king
8:22 am
edward viii does the same. the palace is scrambling to figure out how the film got out says the royal correspondent. >> it's huge how it got out, they don't know how it got out. it's unknown things to do with the royal family in ar rivsarchive the rattle the royal family. >> reporter: part of the clip had been made public, showing the queen and her sister moments after that is dent part of an exhibition by buckingham palace last year. left to claims the palace itself may be partly to blame inadvertently leaking the footage. "the sun" won't say where they got it but obtained with the public interest in mind. >> the fact remains 1933 led by a man who was to become edward viii british family doing nazi salutes through video, that seemed to be a matter of great
8:23 am
cultural historical and general interest. >> reporter: the historical interest the paper claims is that it revealed king edward's implicit support for the nazis from early on. long accused of being a nazi sympathizer, edward visited hitler in 1937 after giving up his crown to marry u.s. divorcee wallace simpson. the queen was only 6 when the film was shot at the private residence of baltimorele, unaware of what that nazi salute would come to symbolize. adolf hitler was then an aspiring politician, already a german chancellor and head of the nazi party but before he became the furrer of the third reich, long before the horrors of world war ii and the atrocities of nazi germany. as much as that footage came as a surprise it's no likely to affect the public image of the queen herself. >> it's not going to damage the monarchy, the british public i think would understand that it's
8:24 am
a sensational story but it doesn't have any impact on meaning how we view the monarchy. the. >> reporter: royal archives are not open to the public. some researchers are invited to access them but only with palace approval. now historians are saying royals should open up and reveal of what's inside. nora? >> charlie d'agata at buckingham palace, thank you. >> something tell me she'll get to the bottom. she's a little girl imitating her uncle. >> very embarrassing. >> all right. surprise is headed down the aisle. we look the best age to get married and with getting older means for your chances of divorce. that's ahead after your local news.o g and your chances of divorce. that's ahead after your local news.
8:25 am
and good morning, it is 8:25. i'm maria medina. traffic is slow going on southbound 680. road crews were late reopening the road after overnight paving. now they're gone but traffic remains a mess. and an overnight grass fire in contra costa county is now out. it broke out near highway 4. its three acres burned there. and wouldn't the best age to get married? a new report says there's an ideal time to get hitched and waiting until you are older may not be the best. the details are ahead on
8:26 am
for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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good morning everybody. i'm liza batallones with your kcbs traffic. if you plan on making the bay bridge commute, it's kind of a mixed bag this morning. the good news is that we have not had any accidents or stalled cars reported on the bridge. but the bad news you'll still be sitting in traffic. it's delayed now from foot of the macarthur maze with those metering lights on. a 38 minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. meanwhile at the san mateo bridge, it is going to be slow approaching mid span. no big delays at the toll
8:28 am
plaza. and over in the tri-valley, remember we've got that late road work, the left lane is still shut down southbound 680 approaching stone ridge. traffic backed up into san ramon almost to walnut creek. very long delays over one hour delays for both southbound 680 and westbound 580. and heading for the dublin grade, no longer delayed heading down the dublin grade. here's roberta. i was the first victim of that 80 and 680 with a flat tire today. good morning everybody. heading on out the door, see the clouds out this in those -- in there those are all associated with the hurricane. 72 oakland. that's the reinserted with the remnants of -- rain associated with the remnants of that hurricane. we have a chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast today. a very sticky day with unseasonably warm temperatures and 77 in pacifica. 70s 80s peninsula up to 96 in brentwood. north bay numbers stacking up in the 80s and 90s and upstream up to 98 degrees in cloverdale. 'r'r're a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar
8:29 am
♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪♪]
8:30 am
>> oh, wow. dramatic entrance at a wedding went horribly wrong. look at this. a groomsman decided it was time to do blackflips on the dance floor. he knocks down a brides made with a kick to the back of the head. when he picked her up she falls back to the floor. everybody's okay. but you have to say to the guy, do you really want to try that now, dude, at the wedding? everybody's okay. >> that probably happened right after cocktail hour. just saying. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the teenage sisters on a mission
8:31 am
of presidential proportions. see how they're helping to change candidates reaching voters by making selfies a hot button issue. plus planning a vacation is a personal decision. that is ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "washington post" report house saliva might reveal if you're a likely candidate for alzheimer's disease. researchers in canada analyze certain commemorate candle compounds which may indicate whether the brain's begun to overcome changes. it could provide an inexpensive tool to predict the disease. the "los angeles times" reports on the amazing streak by dodgers' pitcher zack greinke on sunday against the nationals. he extended his scoreless streak. go, zach. it's the longest in baseball since 1988. the dodgers beat the nationals,
8:32 am
5-0. "the new york times" reflects on a new book by dr. seuss, "what pet should i get?" >> the new book comes out next week and i'm looking forward to reading it. >> could you get me one too? >> i will. >> there are no chirp in my house. >> you're thinking about pets? >> we're always thicking about pets. grace is wearing down on me. i love those little golden doodles. >> think about a lab. "time" reports on a surprising revelation about his former wife heather mills. he said she is the one overseeing their daughter's musical training. the former beatles cannot read music. but beatrice is a talented poet a talent she picked up from mccartney. the launch of the "u.s. litss
8:33 am
little rock." it was a little rocky. the war ship will ultimately be based in san diego. it will be delivered to the navy later this year. you can see why it was a little bit of a rocky -- >> rock and roll. >> but beautiful indeed. >> but they made it. and the journal times of wisconsin reports on the dafrmgs winds at a hot air balloon festival. >> oh, no. no, no, no no no no. >> strong winds blew away deflated balloons saturday at the waterford balloonfest. there were two people inside the basket. they were unharmed. they said to them forecast we stay in the basket we'll be okay. scary to
8:34 am
settle down after phase a divorce rate 5% heer each year. heidi, good morning. >> good morning. >> so why is the late 20s, early 30s the sweet spot? >> it's for a couple of reasons. for years it was in general the longer you wait the better off you'll be in terms of not getting divorced. people in their early 20s you don't know yourself yet. you're still trying toing if out who you are and what you want and you're not sure what you're looking for in a partner. 29 or 30 people have a better sense of making a good choice. now in the last ten years we're seeing the trend would keep trending. the older you were the more likely your were to stay married. once you get to 33 the divorce rate is dwoek up again. think the best explanation for that is really our society's attitude toward marriage has
8:35 am
changed so now people feel they don't have to get married. they have lots of options. it's not a beg deal if you're not married or if you're divorced some what you're seeing with the older groups is people who didn't necessarily have the goal of getting married, they just decided what the hay, aisle try it. without the goal of getting married, they don't have that extra commitment. so if it's not working out, they throw in the towel. >> what do you say to someone in their 50s perhaps who's looking for mr. or miss right to come along? >> you can absolutely find mr. or miss right at any age. first of all it's important to know this is a small fact. it's reliable. but there are a lot of things much more important in predicting whether or not a relationship works such as do you have common goals, values, do you want the same things out of life do you communicate, do you make each other laugh. that's much more important than the age at which you get married. what we're seeing is a trend toward people feeling like they don't have to get maired if they
8:36 am
don't want to, but you can find a happy marriage at any age. it's these other ingredients that turn tout predict that much more than age. >> back to charlie's point in the 50s do you think it's harder? aren't you more set in your ways in the 50s? >> it's funny. >> first-time marriages. >> absolutely. the author suggested maybe it's happening because people in their 50s are cantankerous and they're set in their ways and they're not marriage material. i don't necessarily think that's true. yes, maybe you're more set in your ways but you're also wiser and probably have built up some better communication skills as you get older so all of those things factor in your favor. >> the divorce rate is actually declining, right? >> right. >> and so is the marriage rate. so how is the concept of marriage changed? >> i think it's much more optional than it ever was before. >> is that because women have much more financial independence? >> there's a lot of things
8:37 am
happening. first of all people are getting married later in part because they feel like they need to make more money before they get married and then there's financial independence and there's also not just the societal norms where there was a time if you weren't married that was sore of the scandalous and what's wrong with you. there are lots of good alternatives to maermg and being divorced is fine too and getting divorced many times is increasingly fine. >> the internet. >> you can find love at any age. >> that's the big ticket for people absolutely. >> thanks, heidi. >> you bet. meeting a presidential candidate is a dream for some voters. getting a photo with a politician can be tougher, but two new hampshire sisters are headed for landslide victory. we're introduced to the siblings who are not even old enough to vote. >> hi, can we have a selfie with you?
8:38 am
>> sure. i'll do it right when i'm done. >> reporter: another click. another success for emma anded a ay. while most seek out celebrities -- >> usually we find a hole and sneak our way into them. >> reporter: these tenacious teenagers are on a mission to snap a selfie with every presidential candidate. >> we kind of started with chris christie and i took a selfie and then addie kind of made a challenge to have it with all the candidates so it's kind of like a fun little summer project we're doing. >> reporter: they snagged photos with 15 so far. jeb bush donald trump, lindsey graham twice, and blogging on their and even ben carter. he was no match for their charm. >> we went up to ben and said i
8:39 am
know you don't lik as we're doing with all the candidates, that would be pretty awesome. >> reporter: gone are the days when they sign or kiss babies while stumping for votes. the 2016 campaigns most sought after prize is the selfie. >> selfie are the cool new thing. it's what politicians' kids are doing. it's sort of this authentic slice of life. >> okay. press that white button. >> many like hillary clinton are selfie experts posing for dozens daily and campaigns are taking know tirks billing extra time into a candidate's sket in the hope that a little extra face time will go far with voters. >> that voter is so excited to have that selfie they'll go home and put it on facebook put it on insta fwram, tweet it out and share it with their friends. it's kind of an authentic way to get people excited. >> some say the selfie craze is
8:40 am
a distraction and every minute calls. >> you do 40 50 of those and the next thing you know you're 10, 15 minutes you're late to your next meeting. >> while the selfie challenge might seem like just fun, as natives of new hampshire and neuter voters addie and emma are taking their jobs seriouy. >> i'll be learning which president i'd like to have as president. >> you want to know who you're voting for and why. you don't want to be like that name sounds cool and check it off. you want to have a valid reason to vote for them. >> reporter: next on their list it's marco rubio who's campaigning. and then it's on to wreck santorum and rand paul. they say they've been trying to get hillary clinton and bernie sanders but they haven't been able to get through their crowds. >> that's going to change. >> i think anything to get people interested in politics and politicians, i think that's great. absolutely great.
8:41 am
>> indeed. and selfies are here to stay. >> they are indeed. >> just learn how to work the freaking cameras. >> the worst is waiting. >> learn how to take the picture
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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when it comes to describing young professionals. say good-bye to that term yuppies and say hello to henry. what does hen restand for. it stands for high earners not rich yet. henrys. you like the name henry, don't you, norah? >> i do sites for black traveltraevs in terms of where to go. >> it's a great global migration. young black travelers jet setting to places around the world places like india, ant arck
8:46 am
antarctica antarctica and others. she's a young traveler. we met her at a bed and breck fachlt she said the idea for the site came to her while she was living in under ya three years ago. >> i just didn't see anybody who looked like me. i had traveled to almost every country in asia and wenoeknow, a minority. i wondered why that was. i wondered why brands weren't spending money in this very inflew . >> she came up with travel noire. she said the money is usually spent on the same vacation spots. >> i want to see myself in a destination i wouldn't normally
8:47 am
expect to see myself in. that's a trigger. that means that same $5,000 i was going spend in the same destination i've been going to for ten years is going to be spent in this new destination. >> how is travel #noire different? >> they sell tickets. if you have the funds, you purchase the tickets. what travel noire is aving is when vacation versus seven. we're teaching people how to permanently integrate travel in their own lives. >> reporter: they have more than 100,000 followers. in addition to photos from every corner of the globe, visitors can find articles from everything from how to pack proper will i to racking up travel miles. they have a subscription service. they can seek advise through chat rooms with experienced
8:48 am
travelers on every continent. they're also able to take advantage of glitch fare notifications. >> every year you get about 15 or so glitch or lo fairs. >> errors or glitches in an airline's computer system can give low travel fares. >> you can travel for a lot cheaper. >> this is one of the sub skrabers and receiving the glitch fare notification on christmas eve that she said she couldn't pass up. >> it could take you to abu dhabi, dubai, or manila philippines, and i decided to definitely capitalize on the glitch fares and grab a couple of tickets. >> are you heading next? >> philippines for $280. >> round trip. >> round trip. since travel noire, i've found so many different ways to
8:49 am
travel. i'm not afraid to pick up and go. >> now, travel noire has an uphill battle appealing to mainly black travelers. only 17% of african-americans take one or more international trips a year. this week they're launching an experience with packages in south africa brazil and italy. >> it sounds like a great website. >> good regardless of your color. >> everybody is able to use this site. >> and they'll tell you what you can do to have fun. >> exactly. that's the most importantpart. >> thank you, vlad. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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the site is being switched off as a precaution. and now here's roberta. hey good morning everybody, what a mild start to the day. we already have temperatures in the 60s and 70s. this is view looking out towards san francisco where yesterday was a record high of 86. it's now 66 degrees. temperatures are already into the mid 70s in the east bay.
8:56 am
later today nearly 80 in pacifica. 70s 80s central bay and 80s, 90s peninsula and all the way up to 98 degrees in the warmest spot of the inland areas, yes another muggy day with a chance of a thunderstorm under partly cloudy skies. more sunshine and less humidity on tuesday and by wednesday through sunday we have sunny skies and seasonal weather returning here at that time bay area, into the mid 80s inland. liza batallones has been all over the traffic this morning. she's up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning een, liza batallones here -- everybody, liza batallones here, delays continue at the bay bridge toll plaza. the you make if commute out of oakland into san francisco be prepared to be hitting the brakes, it's still slow from the foot of the macarthur maze with a 31 minute drive time leeing the carquinez span. the bay bridge metering lights are still on. san mateo bridge has been problem gnattic, two accidents both of them in the even direction. one at mid span and one just beyond this picture at the toll plaza. the westbound commute direction is sluggish approaching mid span heading into foster city. still in the trivalley. because of late road work, southbound 680 just beyond 80. -- 580. the left lane still shut down. it's backed up through the san ramon valley leaving the walnut creek interchange ed. heading for mass transit.
8:59 am
delays on the b.a.r.t. system between san francisco and millbrae. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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